An online exhibition organised and curated by 12ø collective. 

3O/3O is a month long project for artists where they are required to submit a new piece of work which is made within each day, every day for the month of april - 3O works in 3O days.

The purpose of this exercise is to encourage making and experimentation, testing the practice. 

The following are some of my experiments, some of which were featured on online gallery and 12ø Vimeo channel.

'we're on strike!'


Picturehouse cinemas were on strike for Living Wage on this day. I work there so I felt compelled to make this gif. 

Negotiations are still going on, so far three Union representatives got sacked... (Bectu Union)

'screen arts'

what are you not seeing?


Taken from an article about NEO Bankside complaining about viewers from Tate viewing platform

'i like painting'


'NEO Bankside sues Tate'