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3 O'Clock is an attempt to record and bring light to my old home and the first half of my life in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

It seeks to combine the feeling of home, geographical location and domestic work that is required in order for the feeling to exist.

I went back to Ekaterinburg and filmed my grandmother making her infamous borsch from her Ukrainian roots, it is a step-by-step recipe. Food comes up a lot during conversations about home, the film really focuses on the taste of home.

The washing line is a very domestic feature; it simultaneously symbolises housework and home. You tend to do laundry and hanging it out to dry in a home setting. At the same time it is a (sometimes) colourful display of your items, your personal belongings, things that define you to the passers by. Generally the washing is hanging from a balcony or in your back yard where at least the glimpse of it will be seen by someone outside of your home. There they hang, with movement and life given by the breeze - completely banal but a beautiful sight. I want to celebrate this banality and many others as there is great strength and importance in it that often gets unnoticed. 

Shown at Leave of Absence Gallery, London, co-curated by Yu'an Huang

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