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Photography: Ifigeneia Brouskari 


Ceramic Stories is a series of workshops for looking closely at daily routines and other personal rituals that make us feel grounded. This could be brushing teeth, doing some basic housework or walking to the shop to get food. Because even when away on a trip or holiday, we create a local map by spotting places like - nearest food shop (to buy tea, or milk, or wine or cut meats), soap shop (because you probably forgot a toothbrush or sunscreen) and pharmacy (hopefully won’t be needing that). 

What do you do daily? What do you walk past? What are your rituals?


In a recent talk titled ‘A home is not a house’ at Royal Academy, London, speaker and researcher Helen Taylor describes the idea of home as a “slippery concept” and “to understand, we have to look beyond the physical structure of the house to the lived experience of home”. She outlines four categories of the ‘habitus’; spacial home, temporal home, material home and relational home. With this workshop I will be exploring the ‘temporal home’ which looks into banal events, routines and celebrations such as birthdays and gatherings. 

In 2014, writer Taiye Selasi was invited to do a TED talk titled ‘Don’t ask me where I am from, ask me where I am a local’ where she explores the sense of belonging and talks about the three R’s of the framework of living space, one of the three R’s is ‘Rituals’. Daily rituals, however basic and invisible - are a part of home. Some vary with different cultures, some are exactly the same, everyone however has their own rituals too. I, for example, have to have a giant cup of tea which I make first thing when I get up, that lasts me through breakfast, and I finish it on the sofa afterwards. Then, the day can begin, and off I go to a meeting at my current residency. I always cycle and take the same route, especially as I’m running late and it’s the quickest route. So whether it’s a route from my kitchen, to the table, to the couch or the route from my house to the meeting - this route can be easily mapped, and a simple linear shape can be identified.