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Photography: Ariadne Urlus, Lotus Peake, Najia Benallou, & myself

PLAN Borneveld Tuin.jpg
Atelier Bornerveld 169 (graw).jpg

Tuin Lab - Tuin Club is a garden project by artists and neighbours of Atelier Borneveld 169, Rotterdam in which a green strip of approximately 300 m2 next to the studio building is made into a collaborative garden in which artists work together with local residents and neighbouring children. 

Tuinlab is closely intertwined with Kunstlab, the studio on the Bornerveld in which artists collaborate with the residents of the neighbourhood to create an unrestricted space in which everyone's input is important and is appreciated.

Tuinlab is about more than gardening: it's about learning, about being together, about people's relationship with each other (both humans and plants), through a set of activities and interventions in and around the garden such as grassweaving or cooking. These function at a neighbourhood level but with a vision far beyond.

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