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This summer season Eathouse Collective are running LIVE FEED: a set of 4 broadcasted events where we take a look at specific dishes we cook, and open up discussions about their histories to find out what draws us to them and how we gather and form a community around them.

The events take place in various locations around Rotterdam:

Vlada Predelina cooks Pelmeni at Paviljoen.... aan het Water [09/05/2021]

Merve Kılıçer cooks Dolma at PEACH (with Lila Athanasiadou & Diana Al Halabi) [20/06/2021]

Jake Caleb cooks Sourdough at Projectruimte Attent [08/01/2021]


Ulufer Çelik cooks Gömbe at Kunstinstituut Melly [28/08/2021]










This project is supported by CBK Rotterdam.